Appendix to Spiritus Mundi, Novel: List of Principal Characters

II.                  Appendix 2:  Index of Principal Characters

Major Characters:

Robert Sartorius, Professor and principal leader and theorist for the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, divorced father of Jack Sartorius who overcomes a life crisis of faith and attempted suicide to marry Eva Strong and push the Parliamentary Assembly campaign towards a successful conclusion, though Moses-like dying before its final implementation.  His travels in Book One echo those of the legendary Odysseus of the Odyssey, including the sea adventures of the Neptune’s Fury chapter, and the famous katabasis, or descent into Hell in the Volcano’s Underworld and Teatro Magico chapters; his later cosmic questing and travels in Book Two: Spiritus Mundi The Romance, including a voyage to the Great Central Sea at the center of the earth and discovery of the Magister Ludi of the Crystal Bead Game, the encounter with the mythical Mothers on the Island of Omphalos, and his transiting of the Cosmic Wormhole to the Council of the Immortals at the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy to plead for the rescue of the human race from extinction, echo those of Dante in the Divine Comedy, the Isra and Mi’ra of the Kitab al-Miraj and of Goethe’s Faust; his quest for the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly parallels the quest for the Simurgh in The Parliament of the Birds, by Farid ud-Din Attar.

Eva Strong, single mother and part-time employee of the Committee for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly in London, she first has an unsuccessful sexual affair with Andreas Sarkozy and then falls in love with and marries Robert Sartorius, later accompanying him in his campaign efforts and later questing adventures. She lives with her daughter Sarah and cousin Vanessa and Vanessa’s son Robby. Echoes Penelope in the Odyssey. In Book Two she accompanies her beloved Robert on the cosmic quest for the Missing Seed Crystal, the Silmaril on which the fate of the human race depends.

Andreas Sarkozy, Executive Director of the Committee for a United Nations Parliamentary “Assembly and the Global Appeal campaign leader and organizer, is a freedom loving and sexually adventurous ex-South African soldier turned idealistic international lawyer who has a temporary sexual affair with Eva Strong while hard at work for the Parliamentary Assembly campaign. In Book II he becomes one of the band of Argonauts accompanying Sartorius to the Crystal Bead Game and on the Quest to the Island of Omphalos and through the wormhole to the Council of the Immortals at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy to save the world by recovering the Missing Seed Crystal, the Silmaril.  After Sartorius’ death he takes command of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and with President Barret Osama and the new United Nations Secretary-General Clinton is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the establishment of the Parliamentary Assembly.

Günter Gross,  German winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, is Sartorius’ longtime friend  with whom he collaborates in both his support for the Parliamentary Assembly campaign and in researching and writing a book on the rise of World Literature, building on Goethe’s idea of “Weltliteratur.”

Osiris,  erratic sex and drug crazed globally popular rock singer superstar who heads up the celebrities supporting the “People Power” Global Appeal campaign and telethon for the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. He later becomes the focus of a pulp media messianic religious cult, taking on the personal of the new Messiah until his asassination.  

Isis,  rock singing superstar and estranged wife of Osiris and member of their rock group, The Angels of Thoth. While estranged from Osiris because of his infidelities she strikes up a sexual love affair with Jack Sartorius, Robert Sartorius’ son. She works in support of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and becomes involved in a Sufi cult at a Sufi Meditation Centre in London. In Book Two she has a religious conversion following the nuclear detonation in Jerusalem and the killing of Osiris and dedicates her life to spirituality as “Mother Isis.”

Jack Sartorius, estranged son of Robert Sartorius who grows up far from his father in the custody of his recently deceased mother following his parents’ contested divorce. He becomes a CIA agent assigned to counter-terrorism duties under the cover name of Jack McKinsey, and is assigned to work with the campaign and investigate its infiltration by terrorist cells. As a cover for his CIA activities he is employed as a top executive of Jung Communications, an international Public Relations, Media and Government Relations agency. Jack echoes the character Telemachus in the Odyssey. In Book Two Jack takes a central role as organizer of the Jerusalem telethon for the UNPA and as a CIA agent where he encounters Khlorindah and Tancredi.  He is captured with his father by the terrorists led by Mustafa and taken captive to Iran, where escaping, he becomes one of the Argonauts on a cosmic quest to save humanity from destruction by retrieving the Missing Seed Crystal, the Silmaril from the Immortals.

Etienne Dearlove, a British MI6 agent under cover as a Reuters/BBC journalist who organizes the “Nightingale” espionage project in Beijing which uses a planted computer Ghost Program to transmit records of secret Chinese Politburo meetings to British intelligence. Though having a wife and child in London, he is the lover of Yoriko Oe and in pursuit of his espionage ends involves her in a ménage-a-trois with Zhou Yuchun, office manager to Chinese Politburo member Minister Luo Chunwang. In Book Two, Etienne experiences the geopolitical cataclysm which leads to an incipient WWIII and the expansion of NATO to include Russia and Japan, and become the new “C,” or head of MI6 British Intelligence.  

Yoriko Oe,             is the Japanese East Asia coordinator for the Committee and daughter of a high executive of Toshiba. To escape her parents insistence on a traditional Japanese marriage she moves to Beijing in pursuit of her lover Etienne Dearlove and becomes involved in a bi-sexual ménage-a-trois with Etienne Dearlove and Zhou Yuchun. She also has a brief sexual fling with Andreas Sarkozy.

Zhou Yuchun, is the office manager for Chinese Politburo member Minister Luo Chunwang. In her study abroad in Tokyo she becomes primarily lesbian, though bisexual, which she conceals from her bosses. She falls in love with Yoriko Oe and has a lesbian cum ménage-a-trois affair with her and Etienne. It is through her that Etienne Dearlove as a British MI6 agent is able to install an espionage Ghost Program on her computers to transmit the records of the Chinese Politburo to British intelligence. At the end of Book Two, imbued with the Japanese bushido culture from her overseas studies, she commits ritual suicide on the collapse of her world.

Mohammad Ala Rushdie,  is an Egyptian former Cambridge student who with Mustafa heads the Mid-East section of the Parliamentary Assembly Committee. He becomes a mystic, novice and dervish in a Sufi order operating a Meditation Centre in London, all while under the surveillance of British MI5 as a falsely suspected terrorist. In Book II he is taken hostage with Sartorius in Jerusalem and held as a human shield in Iran’s underground nuclear processing facilities outside Qom and then goes on to participate in the epic Quest for the Missing Seed Crystal, the Silmaril in the Crystal Bead Game to save humanity. He is also a writer and while in captivity is invited to read his story “The Parable of the Supreme Leader and the Three Messiahs” to Iran’s Supreme Leader, which contributes to the Supreme Leader’s change of heart and abandonment of the Triple Axis Conspiracy with Russia and China to seize the Middle-Eastern oil deposits in Saudi Arabia. At the end of Book Two following the nuclear catastrophe in Jerusalem and his Sufi calling, he joins Mother Isis and the Global Progressive Spiritual Alliance in their quest for nurturing a global spiritual rebirth.   

Mustafa bin Salaman al Khalifa, is the son of a wealthy Bahraini family and former fellow student of Mohammad at Cambridge. While ostensibly managing his family’s investments in London and serving as the co-chief of the Parliamentary Assembly Campaign Committee, Mustafa is in reality an agent of the Iranian Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and the prime operative in executing the secret conspiracy of the reactionary factions of China, Russia and Iran to join forces in a new Axis to mount a surprise attack on the Middle-East oil reserves in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Gulf. He is the primary organizer of the conspiracy to conceal an atomic bomb in a Chinese Teracotta Warrior which is detonated in Jerusalem along with the taking of celebrity hostages which provides the cover for a joint Chinese/Russian/Iranian attempt to seize the oil fields of the Middle East, precipitating an impending WWIII. At the end of Book II it is revealed that Mustafa is in fact a time-travelling fugitive from justice in the 23rd Century who flees into the past after a failed attempt to overthrow the democratic world government of the Republic of the United States of Earth, founded on the successful beginnings of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Julian Jung, founder of international Public Relations, media, advertising and government relations agency Jung Communications, is in charge of media strategy for the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and manages the careers and brand images for Osiris and Isis. He is a world renown “Spinmaster” and media manipulator who has even managed the public relations and political media campaigns of the British Prime Minister. He is married to the daughter of media supermagnate Rupert Madox.

Teddy Zhou (or Zhou Tieya),  is Sartorius’ fellow professor and best friend at Peking University in Beijing who saves his life by rushing him to hospital after his suicide attempt and subsequently is paid back when Sartorius in turn saves his life during their Scuba diving adventures in the Maldives.  Like Sartorius, Teddy Zhou comes from a seafaring family and like Sartorius’s ancestor Admiral Sir George Rose Sartorius, one of his ancestors was shipwrecked in the Maldives in the time of Zheng He’s Treasure Fleet. Diving on both wrecks is their common goal in vacationing together in the Maldives.

Admiral Sir George Rose Sartorius, is Sartorius’ ancestor who fought in the British Navy under Lord Nelson at Trafalgar and later suffered a shipwreck in the Maldives, which wreck Sartorius and his friend Teddy Zhou seek to visit and dive upon on their Scuba diving holiday en route to taking up residence in London. Sartorius discover’s the Admiral’s journal and reads of his adventures following the shipwreck, including accounts of his visit to the island of the Sorceress Queen Lilith, and his captivity on the island of the Sultan of the Sea of Stories, where he also crosses paths with Zheng He and Ibn Batuta, famous venturers from the East.

Orlando Tasso, (aka Orlando Tancredi) in Book II is an agent of the Italian intelligence service the AISE, (Italy’s Agenzia Informazionie Sicurezza Estema or “Italian MI6”) and former Carabinieri on loan to the NATO Joint Anti-Terror Team (JATT) and British MI6 in London and in Jerusalem. Under cover as the Italian rock singer Tancredi he falls hopelessly and recklessly in love with Khlorindah, causing conflict and professional ineffectiveness between himself and Jack. Tasso echoes the motifs of Gerusalemme liberata and Orlando Furioso.

Khlorinda Sofronia Darwah, in Book II is a beautiful Palestinian Rai music Chaba singer performing in nightclubs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with whom Orlando falls uncontrollably in love and who also infatuates Jack, leading the two into conflict; She proves to be a participant in the principal conspiracy organized through Mustafa to set off a nuclear device in Jerusalem and take former Presidents Carter and Clinton hostage as human shields to prevent American/Israeli attacks on Iran and enable the Triple Axis of China, Russia and Iran to seize the oilfields of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Middle-East, thus dominating the Eurasian and world balance of power with the West. She is invited by Jack to sing at the Jerusalem telethon in Teddy Stadium and then takes part in the hostage taking, flying with the hostage takers to Iran where she  Sartorius and Mohammad meet the Supreme Leader in the underground nuclear facilities at Qom.

                  Minor Characters:


Ambassador Buck Bolger,  the reactionary American Ambassador to the United Nations and Robert Sartorius’ former law school classmate from the University of California, Berkeley who blocks Sartorius’ initiative to create a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, an old colleague of Sartorius’  with whom he worked as a low-level officer in the UN many years ago who while personally supporting the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Project refuses to actively support the Parliamentary Assembly program because of the opposition of the United States and other powerful western countries who control his funding.

Christina Senghor, head of the African section of the Committee for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Anna Maria Iglesias,  head of the Latin American section of the Committee and girlfriend of Pari Kasiwar.

Vanessa, the cousin of Eva Strong who shares Eva Strong’s house in London where they live with Eva’s daughter Sarah and Vanessa’s son Robby. She is a minor London stage and screen actress separated from her American film-director husband.

Sarah,  Eva Strong’s daughter who has just commenced studying at a girl’s boarding school in the English countryside and who is just breaking away from Eva trying to form her own identity.

Old Johnny Benn, is an older hard-Left Marxist former TUC labour union leader colleague of Eva’s in the London office of the Committee for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly with whom Eva has a discussion on the futility of struggling for idealistic causes seemingly doomed to failure such as Marxism and the Committee work.

Nicolas Oblomov, is a graphic artist who assists Eva in her work preparing matrials for the UNPA Committee and who regresses to a state of fatalistic laziness and infantilism, withdrawing from a disappointing world into the refuge of his bed.

Pari Kasiwar, of India is the South Asia coordinator for the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.  He and Sartorius have deep discussions about the emergence of World Literature and Indian Literature as Sartorius prepares his book on the subject. He and his girlfriend Jennie Zheng relate their experience of partly growing up Asian-American in the USA in Book One, and he introduces her to Indian culture, spirituality and the sexuality of the Kama Sutra. They pursue their spiritual growth and interests together with the Global Progressive Spiritual Alliance, culminating in their founding as spiritual soulmates an Ashram at the Dal Lake embracing “The New Kama Sutra of the Spirit” at the end of Book Two. 

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Spitzer,  professor of Sinology and Chinese Literature at the Free University of Berlin with whom Sartorius and Günter Gross discuss Chinese Literature and the emerging category and institution of World Literature, or Weltliteratur, in Berlin.

Myron Greenberg,  a young recruit at the CIA whom Jack Sartorius trains as his own replacement in the analytical department of the counter-terrorism section.

Jack McKinsey, is Jack Sartorius’ cover name and identity while working for Jung Communications while an undercover agent for the American CIA.

Admiral Orwell,  the Director of National Intelligence of the USA overseeing the CIA and other intelligence operations and directly under the President.

President Barret Osama,  elected as President of the United States in the course of the book is a liberal black president who succeeds the former conservative president following the World Financial Crisis.  When the Triple Axis powers China, Russia and Iran threaten to seize Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Middle-Eastern oilfields he leads NATO’s resistance, and after the Chinese then attack Russian Siberia he invites Russia and Japan to join NATO which then defeat the Chinese invasion. President Osama then becomes the first man in world history to be awarded two Nobel Peace Prizes when he earns his second one for his support of the creation of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly at the close of the book.

“C” is the codename for the head of Britain’s MI6 or Secret Intelligence Service headquartered at Vauxhall Cross in London.

Sir Endymion Needham, is the head of the MI6 China Desk and Controllerate and a former classmate of “C” at Cambridge. He has top secret clearance to translate and report on the secretly transmitted files and transcripts of the Chinese Politburo known by codenamed “Nightingale,” which reveal the secret conspiracies and war aims of reactionary factions of the Axis nations China, Russia and Iran. 

Minister Luo Chunwang, of the Chinese Politburo is a powerful minister overseeing the Chinese Ministry of State Security, or Chinese CIA, and a leader of the Taizi Dang, or Princeling Party a reactionary faction of the privileged sons of elite Party members. He is tall, athletic and vigorous, fluent in English having studied at the London School of Economics, yet highly nationalistic and aggressive.  He is the prime force behind the formation of the China, Russia and Iran Axis and its adventure towards seizing control of the Middle-East oil reserves and towards supplanting the West as the dominant force in Eurasia and in the global balance of power.

Joel Barlow, is the CIA Station Chief in London, and as such sits by unique custom on the British Joint Intelligence Committee, the highest coordinating body under the Prime Minister working intimately with MI6. He is mentor and supervisor to Jack Sartorius, aka Jack McKinsey in London and a senior channel of communication between MI6 and the CIA, NSA, Director of National Intelligence and the American President in Washington, D.C. He is married to Willa Barlow, a genteel Southern American lady who takes Jack under her wing as a mother-figure when he arrives in London.

Joel Mentes,  is a senior CIA controller working under cover as a Vice-President of Jung Communications in Washington, D.C. He is Jack Sartorius’ boss in the CIA Clandestine Service, or operational side, and he is also Sartorius’ boss and supervisor inside Jung Communications, managing Jack’s cover identity and role as Jack McKinsey.

Ambassador Turttow, is the reactionary American Ambassador to the Court of St. James in London under the former conservative administration who at a party at Winfield House criticizes Jack’s work with the Committee for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and praises Ambassador Buck Bolger’s defeat of Robert Sartorius’ initiative at the UN.

Alexander Abramovich Medvedev, is a fabulously wealthy Russian billionaire oligarch and former KGB officer. Owner of the world’s largest private yacht, private jets, helicopters, football clubs and luxury cars he also a backer of the Committee for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.  He entertains Sartorius, Jack, Andreas and other Committee staff on his yacht, the Omnimaw, for his lavish birthday party, and at the end of the novel is instrumental in assisting MI6 in warning Russia of China’s planned invasion of Siberia and of facilitating Russia’s entry into NATO to counter the invasion.  He is married to Fortunata, a nouveau riche Russian woman, with whom he uproariously celebrates his birthday on his yacht, the Omnimaw.

Earnest Huxley and Peter Townsend,  are a team of MI5 agents in London assigned to conduct surveillance of Mustafa and Mohammed, amoung others, suspected of involvement in Islamic terrorist operations or financing. They collaborate with Jack at MI5 Headquarters at Thames House in his counter-terror work with the CIA, including review of the files on Mohammad and Mustafa.

Candy Bryson,  is a high-priced London prostitute who is often hired by Mustafa and who also regularly informs on him to Scotland Yard and MI5. She also is hired by Russian billionaire Alexander Abramovich Medvedev to entertain his guests aboard his luxury yacht for his gala birthday party, including Sartorius, Andreas and Jack.

Peter Eumaeus, of Ithaca, New York and Washington, D.C. is a homeless US Marine WWII veteran who has lost his house and savings in the World Financial Crisis whom Jack Sartorius befriends and who counsels him to reconcile with his father before it is too late. Eumaueus echoes the role of the eponymous character in the Odyssey.

Elton Brown, world famous rock singer, songwriter, and friend of Princess Diana who has a brief homosexual affair with Osiris.

Joaquim,  a young teenage forced-child-soldier in Mozambique’s South African backed Renamo resistance to the Marxist Frelimo party who is befriended by Andreas Sarkozy when he is assigned there as a South African special forces soldier. Together they jump into the flooding Zambezi river to escape execution by Frelimo and Andreas helps him first to enter a UN Refugee camp and later to get an EU scholarship to study in England, during which time Joaquim visits Andreas at his university in Germany.

Hennie and Ferdie, two rustic Afrikaaner pilots flying for relief agencies who help Andreas and Joaquim on the run from the Frelimo during the Mozambique civil war and fly them to the Zambian border where Joaquim enters a UN Refugee Camp and Andreas resigns his commission in the South African army and emigrates to join his mother in Germany.

Mohammad’s Sufi Pir,  Shayk Mehmet Nâzım Adil is Mohammad’s Pir or mentor and Sufi spiritual master and head of the Sufi Order who meets and guides Mohammad at the London Sufi Meditation Centre of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order.

Yang Yanshen,  is a Chinese dissident survivor of the Tian An Men Massacre in 1989 who is interviewed by Etienne Dearlove for Reuters/BBC after his release after serving fourteen years of a life imprisonment sentence and finding his life destroyed.  Dearlove meets him at the a free rock benefit concert on behalf of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly at Beijing’s Chaoyang Park at which Osiris has a dubious religious experience under the influence of drugs.

Jennie Zheng, a student of Sartorius at Peking University who works a volunteer in China for the UN Parliamentary Assembly program and is interviewed by Etienne Dearlove for his Blog Live! Column in which she relates her experience growing up as an Amerian-Born Chinese(ABC), or Asian-American caught between two cultures and in search of her own identity.  Later in Book II after the nuclear detonation in Jerusalem and the trauma of war between the United States and China she turns inward spiritually, and together with her boyfriend from India, Pari Kasiwar, takes part in the Global Spiritual Progressive Alliance, founding an Ashram at Dal Lake and publishing her spiritual autobiography: “My Xi You Ji: A Personal Journey to the West via the East, or the New Kama Sutra of the Spirit.”

Swami Narendranath Ramakrishna, is the Hindu holy man encountered by Pari Kasiwar and Jennie Zheng in Beijing at the Holi celebration and who gives them guidance in their spiritual searching and development.

Lee Young Chul, a former bodyguard to North Korea’s Dear Leader who is brutally imprisoned and then escapes to China where he is interviewed by Etienne Dearlove for Reuters/BBC at the time Russia and China invade and occupy North Korea after chaos breaks out on the death of the Dear Leader.

Representative Ron Pall, Texas is a neo-isolationistist conservative in the United States House of Representatives and US Presidential Candidate who as Chairman of the House Subcommittee on International Organizations opposes Sartorius’ efforts to aid the passage of a Joint Congressional Resolution supporting creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. Pall is a constitutional  “strict constructionist” and crypto-libertarian who has earned the nickname of “Dr. No” for opposing almost everything the Federal government attempts to do, nationally and internationally, and for advocating the total withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations through the perennially introduced “American Sovereignty Restoration Act,” the return to the gold standard, the abolition of the Federal Reserve, abolition of the Income Tax. He sees the United Nations as the vehicle of a clandestine conspiracy to impose socialistic world government and thereby slavery upon the American people. Sartorius’ combat with Pall corresponds to that of Ulysses with the one-eyed Cyclops in the Odyssey.

Representative Keith Ellisha, one of the first Muslim US Congressmen and progressive politician and member of the Global Spiritual Progressive Alliance, who supports’ Sartorius and Sarkozy in their efforts to have the US House of Representatives endorse a Resolution supporting the creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Padraig Moynihan, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, member of the Global Spritual Progressive Alliance, recipient of the Ghandi Peace Prize and three-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. He supports Sartorius in his unsuccessful efforts to have the US House of Representatives pass a Resolution in favor of creating a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, though his views are more extreme and radical than Sartorius’ own.  

Richard Toynbee,  classmate of Etienne Dearlove who joins British MI6 with him and who later becomes a whistleblower exposing corruption and abuse of power in MI6 which leads to his dismissal. He files lawsuits and writes books critical of the SIS. Etienne Dearlove is later subjected to a lie detector test to determine if he has aided Toynbee in his dissident activities.

General Bill Winton,  the J-3, or Director of Operations of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, who briefs the British Joint Intelligence Committee on the Russian and Chinese invasion of North Korea after the Dear Leader’s death.

Sir Alex Allworth, Permanent Secretary for Intelligence and Resiliance who chairs the British Joint Intelligence Committee meeting in COBRA, (the Cabinet Office Building Conference-Room A), that is the British ‘situation room’ attended by CIA Station Chief Joel Barlow on Russia and China’s invasion of North Korea.

Qwerty Quex Scrivener,  Chief Polygraphist for British MI6 is Etienne Dearlove’s nemesis as he tries to administer a lie detector test to prove that Etienne has aided his friend Richard Toynbee in whistleblowing and exposing corruption and abuse of power at the higher levels of MI6 management. Etienne foils Scrivener and the lie detector by clever strategems.

Sheik Doctor Nazim Hisham, is a bogus and mercenary Sufi sect leader who enlists the presence of international celebrities such as Isis and Osiris to amass personal wealth, self-importance and power.  With the aid of Isis’s money he opens a Sufi Meditation Centre in London which Jack and Isis attend, and builds a personal cult around himself. He is contrasted with Mohammad’s own Pir, or Sufi religious leader, who is authentic and non-exploitative.

The Dear Leader, of North Korea who lives a life of arbitrary power and luxury while his people starve and are brutalized, and whose death unleashes chaos in his country leading to the armed invasion of Russia and China on behalf of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to restore order.

The Supreme Leader of Iran—or the Grand Imam, the religious and political head of the Iranian government who at first is complicit in the reactionary conspiracy to set off a nuclear device in Jerusalem and take hostage former American Presidents Carter and Clinton, Tony Blair, and the liberal President and Premiere of Russia and China as a pretext for a joing Chinese, Russian Iranian Axis invasion of the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Later he calls off the conspiracy and invasion after he is visited in a dream by the Archangel Gabriel who commands him to “open the Gates of Ijtihad,” meaning to throw off the dead hand of fossilized authority and open Islamic tradition to updating, respiritualization and reform in light of the ongoing living spirit of Allah, 

Lilith, the Sorceress Queen, known also as “Sir She” falls in love with and takes captive Sartorius’ ancestor Captain George Rose Sartorius on her island in the Indian Ocean seeking through her magic powers to share immortality with him, but who instead suffers death herself.  Echoes Rider Hagard’s classic.

Princess Nooaysua, of the Maldives atoll on which Captain George Rose Sartorius was shipwrecked and with whom she misadventures to the island of the Sorceress Queen Lilith, and then travels with him to the palace of the Sultan of Male’ whom she is to wed. She then takes part in the endless marathon of story telling by the guests of the Sultan of the Sea of Stories.

Billali,  the elderly Arabic scholar who is tutor to Princess Nooaysua, and who accompanies her and Captain Sartorius on their voyages to the island of Sorceress Queen Lilith and to the Sultan of the Sea of Stories. He also introduces Captain Sartorius to the official records and accounts of prior shipwrecks in the islands, even going back as far as the time of the Chinese Treasure Ships of Zheng He, and shares his researches into the female Djinn Sorceress, “Sir She.”   Echoes Odyssey.

Captain Zhou Chenggong, ancestor of Sartorius’ friend Teddy Zhou who sailed as a a Chinese Treasure Fleet captain under Chinese Admiral Zheng He. He loses one of the last Chinese Treasure Ships in a shipwreck on the Maldives islands, which Sartorius and Teddy seek out in their Scuba diving holiday. He later crosses paths with Captain George Rose Sartorius in the palace of the Sultan of Maleh and of the Sea of Stories.

The Sultan of Male’ or The Sultan of the Sea of Stories, is the ruler of the Maldives Islands where Captain George Rose Sartorius is shipwrecked. He is the King of the Maldives before their conversion to Islam, which occurs in consequence of Ibn Battuta’s defeat of a Djinn ghoul saving the life of the King’s daughter. In return the King and his people convert to Islam and the King accompanies Battuta on his travels for ten years. Before leaving, Ibn Battuta plants a nut from the tree beneath which the Prophet Mohammad addressed the Ummah, and waters it with a vial of ZamZam Water.  The Tree blossoms forth leaves on every one of which is inscribed a poem or tale and at the end of each year the Tree sprouts a red leaf on which is written a verse of the Holy Koran. If the Sultan reads the verse aloud and passes it to his guests, and if an unbroken chain of the blossoming stories is told and retold, then neither he nor they shall age further that year.  It is thus that the Sultan and his guest Zhou Chenggong age no further since the time of Ibn Battuta and are alive three hundred years later to meet Captain Sartorius.  It falls on Sartorius, Zhou Chenggong and Princess Nooaysua to continue and refresh the “Sea of Stories” to forestall their own deaths and to preserve the immortality of the tree by reciting a daily story. Echoes Alf Layla Wa Layla,—The Thousand and One Nights.

Dr. Waheen, Vice-President of the Maldives arranges for Sartorius and Teddy Zhou to dive on the shipwrecks of their ancestors. He laments the fate of his nation which may be submerged by rising sea levels due to Global Warming and endorses the initiative for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Professor Carlos Rivera, of the National University of Mexico (UNAM) is Sartorius’ host in Mexico City and a activist in the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly campaign in Latin America.  He is also an anthropologist and literary writer who discusses with Sartorius and Günter Gross the place of Latin American and Spanish Literature in World Literature and the anthropological context of the European conquest and ascendency over the Aztec, Mayan and Incan peoples of the New World after Columbus, delineating his theory as to why some civilizations advanced from their hunter-gatherer origins and others did not, resting ultimately upon the“Farmer Power” of food surpluses and the ensuing growth of population and division of labour of the Agricultural Revolution and a cross-fertilization of multiple-civilizations in Eurasia.

Pablo,  is a jazz saxophonist working part-time in Sartorius’ hotel in the Zona Rosa in Mexico City. During Sartorius’ alcohol and mescal binge he takes him under his wing and introduces him to the Mexico City nightspots the Café Chagrin and the Club Paradiso, where he also introduces him to the beautiful nightclub singer Maria, with whom Sartorius has sex.

Maria, is a seductive nightclub singer who sleeps with Sartorius in Mexico City when he is having an alcoholic breakdown. 

Tiresias/Teresa, is a bi-sexual nightclub singer and female-impersonator Sartorius encounters at the Club Paradiso in Mexico City while looking for Maria. He/She introduces Sartorius to the Teatro Magico—The Magic Theater—For Madmen Only! and accompanies him on some of his surreal adventures in the Psychoplex there, involving their defeat of the Lord Death from the Popul Vuh, incarnation as an Aztec Emperor and Sartorius’ incarnation as the master lover of all women. Sartorius’ alcoholic and drug induced binge in Mexico City ends in a ménage-a-trois involving Maria and Teresa. Tiresias echoes the role of the blind seer in the Odyssey’s Hades.

Imbunche—a legendary deformed being from Latin American tradition, maimed, castrated, blinded, and tended by infernal hags who bound and sewn in a bag serves as a perverse ultimate phallic symbol for use in occult fertility rites. Echoes the figure in the novel El obscene pajaro de la noche/The Obscene Bird of the Night by Jose Donoso. 

Lord Tlacaelel, is a character assumed by Sartorius in the first chamber of the Teatro Magico Psychoplex; he is the historical despotic Aztec ruler credited with developing the rites of human sacrifice by excision of the heart on a large scale and leading the Aztec Triple Axis to military dominance.

 Xbalanque and Hunahpu, The Divine Twins are characters assumed by Sartorius and Tiresias in the second chamber of the Teatro Magico Psychoplex; they correspond to the twin heroes of the Mayan epic Popul Vuh who travel to the underworld and defeat Lord Death, Xibalba.

Lord Death, Xibalba is Sartorius’ and Tiresias’ nemesis in the second chamber of the Teatro Magico Psychoplex. He is Death, the ruler of the Underworld who is defeated by the Divine Twins in Mesoamerican ball game, after which Death also dies.

 Xochiquetzal, Goddess of Love and Fertility is the goddess-lover of Sartorius in the third chamber of the Teatro Magico Psychoplex who promises eternal consummation and the possession of all women to him as long as he slays the former king and himself remains unslain by any challenging successor; She is an Aztec incarnation of the spirit of the corn and fertility rites delineated by Frazer in the Golden Bough. Sartorius slays her when she demands that he cut out Eva’s heart in human sacrifice a a condition of sexual union with her.

The Reverend Dicky Drake, marries Sartorius and Eva in the Church of St. John in Little Gidding, England the ancestral home of the Sartorius family and site of the spiritual community founded by Nicholas Ferrar referred to in T.S. Eliot’s The Four Quartets. He also performs the memorial service and burial of Sartorius’ remains in the family plot in the graveyard of Little Gidding’s church after his putative death.

Wole Obatala, is a celebrated African author from Nigeria who has also been elected as a member of the Pan-African Parliament and with whom Sartorius and Eva have an extended conversation on African and World Literature at the Pan-African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa.

Garry Bonoir, is an American Labor Union activist who advocates the creation of global labor unions and global collective bargaining as an important step in redressing the disadvantage of the global working  and middle class suffering from imbalanceed economic globalization. He also advocates a Global New Deal translating the social safety net and augmented balance of power between labour, capital and government attained in Roosevelt’s Depression Era New Deal at the level of the nation-state into a globalized 21st Century post-Westphalian setting, with the globalized economy re-balanced with the globalization of governmental and labour organizations. He meets Sartorius, Eva and Wole Obatala at the meeting of the Pan-African Parliament they both address and discuss the needed responses to globalization and the World Financial Crisis.

Professor Pieter Verhoven of the University of Witswaatersrand, is an evolutionary biologist and a member of the Pan-African Parliament meeting in Midrand-Johannesburg, South Africa who takes part in a discussion of African Literature and the evolutionary adaptive role of religion with Sartorius during the meeting in Midrand.

Johannes Wolfgang von Goethe the immortal poet of Faust is Sartorius’ guide and mentor in his journey through the underworld to Castalia,Middle Earth,  the Grand Katabasis of the work, and on the Quest to the Council of the Immortals in the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Grand Anabasis of the work, to seek the Missing Seed Crystal, the Sylmaril which shall save humanity from the fate of destruction. He is also Sartorius’ guide, mentor and inspiration at the scholarly level in pioneering the concept of “World Literature” or “Weltliteratur” which Sartorius is promoting and elaborating in his joint book with his friend Nobel Prize winner Günter Gross. He parallels the role of Virgil in Dante’s Divine Comedy. He is also a functionary of the “Illuminati” a Freemasonlike brotherhood of enlightened souls and geniuses spanning the centuries.

Sun Wu Kong, The Monkey King is the human-like monkey hero of the Chinese classic Journey to the West (Xi You Ji),an incarnation of the Trickster archetype, and who also appears originally as Hanuman in the Indian classic The Ramayana of Valmiki. Along with Goethe he is Sartorius’ and his colleague’s guide to the underworld leading them in their escape from the underground Iranian nuclear facilities, and subsequently guides and accompanies them to Castalia, Middle Earth, the site of the Crystal Bead Game administered by the Magister Ludi, and on the Quest through the Wormhole to the celestial Council of the Immortals to save humanity from extinction, completing the epic Grand Katabasis.  

Homunculus, is a miniature created man-figure contained in a glassed-bottle and radiant of intense light from Goethe’s Faust. He helps Goethe and Sun Wu Kong search for Sartorius in the underground caverns of Qom.

Captain Nemo, from Jules Verne’s immortal novel, he resurfaces in the present epic in a modernized Nautilus to ferry Sartorius and his colleagues through underground rivers and seaways to the Great Central Sea at the center of the earth, where is located Castalia, Middle Earth, the site of the Crystal Bead Game on which the fate of humanity on earth hangs, and to the central island of Omphalos where the Gateway to the Wormhole from earth to the Council of the Immortals within the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is found.

Zheng He, Chinese Admiral of the Southern Seas appears as Captain Nemo’s  second in command and makes an appearance in the journal narrative of Sartorius’ ancestor, Admiral Sir George Rose Sartorius, who fought under Lord Nelson. He is the famed Chinese admiral and explorer who before Columbus in the 1400’s led a fleet of 200 immense Treasure Ships from China to India, the Middle-East and as far as Africa. 

Ibn Battuta, great Islamic traveler and explorer, sometimes known as the Muslim Marco Polo. In Captain George Sartorius’ Journal is recorded the story of Ibn Batuta’s conversion of the Maldives to Islam through defeating a bloodthirsty Djinn ghoul who feasted on the blood of virgin sacrafices, and his subsequent travels with the Sultan of Maleh.

David Epstein and Isser Diskin, appear in Book II as Mossad and Shin Bet/Shabak Israeli agents who cooperate with Jack Sartorius/Jack McKinsey of the CIA in counter-terror operations and in connection with arrangements for the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Global Appeal telethon to be held in Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem.

Ami Giyalon, former head of Israeli Shin Bet/ISA security service who after a crisis of the heart has become a leader of Peace Now, the Global Spiritual Progressive Alliance and other left-spiritual movements in Israel. He helps Jack in his work on the Global Appeal for the UN Parliamentary Assembly in Jerusalem and gives Jack his views of the possible solutions for the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The Global Spiritual Progressive Alliance, is a worldwide progressive movement that seeks to further many of the goals and values of prior progressive movements such as liberals, socialists and communists via new and more appropriate means in a worldwide movement embracing all religious faiths, nations and heritages and including dimensions of renewed spirituality and renewed ecological and environmental harmony and responsibility. In the era of globalization it is involved as an NGO sponsor of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and of the Global Marshall Fund movement, and includes figures of the novel such as Ami Giyalon of Israel and Keith Ellisha, Muslim-American Member of the US Congress. After the detonation in Jerusalem it is active in forming the Brethern of the Common Life, ministering to the victims of the disaster, raising inter-faith global spiritual consciousness, and under the leadersip of Mother Isis, Ami Giyalon and Mohammad ala Rushdie in raising funds for the construction of the Spiritus Mundi Inter-faith Temple, an inter-faith centre for global universal spiritual re-birth and solidarity.

Armida Alcinah, in Book II is the cynical mother of the beautiful Palestinian Rai singer Khlorindah who gives a provocative Tarot reading to the love besotted Orlando when he comes to her house desperately looking for Khlorindah. Echoes  Gerusalemme liberata .

The Siloviki, the class of former “apparatchiki” of the Soviet regime, often associated with the former KGB/GRU and party elite who lost power with the fall of the Soviet Union but who have achieved successful “clawback” of their powers under recent central government reconsolidation. In the novel they and their reactionary allies, the Chinese Princeling Party and the Iranian Haghani Faction are at the heart of the “Triple Axis” conspiracy utilizing the Jerusalem atomic terrorist attack as a clever cover to turn back the clock on liberal reforms and achieve global and Eurasian dominance by decisively striking at the West’s oil and energy jugular with a surprise attack of Pearl Harbor proportions leading an invasion of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the region by the three powers.

The Princeling Party or Tai Zi Dang, is an alleged group or faction of Chinese Communist Party officials who are the sons and daughters of the highest level Communist Party members of the last generation. They have generally grown up spoiled with Party priviliges, money from corruption, Western education and being placed in control of privatized state assets by virtue of their family influence. In the novel they lead a reactionary coup and conspiracy to push aside the liberal reformers and regain the displaced position of power of their parents or grandparents as a resurgent nationalist ruling elite, lost during the market reforms and to thereby push an emergent China into the role of a dominant nationalistic global power.

The Haghani Faction, or Haghani School is a reactionary political faction within the Iranian Islamic Republic centered around the alumni of the Haghani School under Ayatollah Yazdi which has succeeded in placing a great number of its members in positions of power in the Revolutionary Guards, the Quds Force, and in the government and militias. They correspond to the Stalinist Siloviki apparatchiki of the Soviet revolution, with whom they ally. In the novel they join with the Russian Siloviki and the Chinese Princeling Party in the central conspiracy of the book.

The Triple Axis,  in the novel is the alliance of China, Russia and Iran to achieve dominance in the Eurasian and global balance of power by a conspiracy to seize the “Asian Peak Oil” of the Middle-East and by decisively severing the West’s energy jugular to consign the West to its global strategic subordination under its domination. It also aims at achieving a “Concert of Eurasia” to “clawback” the market and libertarian reforms from the fall of the Soviet Union.

The Axis of Synarchy, conspiracy theorists attributed the influence of the Haghani School in Iran, the Siloviki in Russia and the Taizi Dang, or Princeling Party in China to a meta-conspiracy at a higher degree of cryptocracy, namely a shadowy elite, the alleged Axis of Synarchy, which was supposed to be the cryptocratic puppeteer behind all three phenomena. The Axis of Synarchy, according to this theory, sought to preserve the dominance of a cryptocratic elite in the name of a “harmonious society” as it was expressed in China, or God or Allah’s design elsewhere, and most particularly one which would forever counter the threat of liberal Western bourgiouse individualism and the associated threat of entropic “Anarchy.” The Axis of Synarchy at the close of Book II is shown to extend to the machinations of Caeserion Khannis, a time travelling fugitive from justice in the 23rd Century after a failed attempt to overthrow the 23rd Century democratic United States of Earth and its Senate and become the first dictatorial Emperor of the Universal Empire.

President Wen Jiabao, is the liberal and humane Premiere of China who is betrayed in Book II by his own intelligence service and the reactionary Tai Zi Dang Princeling Party faction under Minister Luo Chunwang to be taken hostage in Jerusalem and Iran as a pawn in a game to justify seizure of the Middle East’s oil by the Triple Axis countries Russia, China and Iran. He unwittingly delivers the terrorist bomb to Jerusalem concealed inside a Terracotta Warrior which he personally delivers to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem as a token of friendship between the two ancient cultures. He is held in Iran as a human-shield to prevent an American or Israeli nuclear attack, but later is returned to power after Luo and the reactionaries are dismissed after their plans to seize the Middle-Eastern oil and  Russian Siberia prove abortive are defeated. He later assists in implementing the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

President Medvedev, in the novel is the liberal President of Russia like his counterpart Wen Jiabao in China is sidelined and betrayed by the reactionary Siloviki in his own intelligence services and government and made a hostage in Iran as a gambit to justify the seizure of the Middle-East’s oil by the Triple Axis of Russia, China and Iran. After the plot of the Siloviki reactionaries is foiled he is returned to power and helps in the implementation of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. 

Colonel Moussavi, in Book II the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force Commandant of the underground prison and nuclear processing facility in which Sartorius and his colleagues are held captive near Qom, Iran. He is also aide-de-camp to the Supreme Leader and a former classmate of Mustafa’s at the madrassa of the Haghani School in Qom, which gives rise to the reactionary Haghani Faction which seizes control in Iran and plots with their counterparts the  Russian Siloviki faction and the Chinese Tai Zi Dang or Princeling Party Faction in forming the Triple Axis conspiracy. He is the author of several books advocating the philosophy of “Synarchism” and alleged by his detractors to be a leader of a global cryptocratic conspiracy, the “Axis of Synarchy.”

The Three Messiahs—the Mahdi, Christ, and the Maitreya, who appear before the fictional Supreme Leader in Mohammad’s short story “The Parable of the Supreme Leader and the Three Messiahs” but who are dismissed and sent away by him telling them they are no longer needed or desired and that it is only obedience to the mullahs which will make humanity happy in their unfreedom without spiritual choice or deliverance. The Koran predicts the coming of Christ in the end days and the Hadith refers to this coming shoulder-to-shoulder with the Mahdi, often associated with the Shia Occulted Imam. The Maitreya is a Buddhist parallel Messiah. Mohammad’s Parable draws upon the Parable of the Grand Inquisitor of Dostoyevsky in the Brothers Karamazov. Mohammad recites the story of his fictional Supreme Leader to Iran’s real Supreme Leader after their dinner together, somewhat preparing the ground for the Supreme Leader’s later change of heart and abandonment of the Triple Axis conspiracy.

Foreign Minister Tang, of China passively disagrees with Minister Luo’s Triple Axis conspiracy to seize the Middle-Eastern oil fields but goes along to avoid being politically isolated. Later after the adventure comes to disaster when NATO and the Russians expel China from Russian Siberia he joins Premiere Wen Jaibao in ousting the reactionary faction and reinstating the progressives, who aid in establishing the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Marshall Li, is the reactionary, nationalist and aggressive head of the Chinese armed forces who joins with Minister Luo Chunwang in preparing the dual military adventures of the Triple Axis—the initial invasion of Saudi Arabia and the later fallback plan of a Chinese invasion of Russian Siberia. They are ousted from power with the ignominious defeat of those initiatives by the expanded NATO forces, now including Russia and Japan.

The Magister Ludi, or Master of the Game is the aged master of the Crystal Bead Game, which integrates all human knowledge and experience and which is conducted in the Grand Retort of Castalia, Middle Earth on the shores of the Great Central Sea at the Bay of Pellucidar at the center of the Earth. The historical destiny of the human race is mysteriously tied in parallel to the continuing outcome of this game, and when the game reaches a stalemate by which the human race may come to an end the Magister Ludi sets in motion a plan for saving man by sending Sartorius and his colleagues through a Wormhole from the center of the earth to the black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy from the Council of the Immortals meeting there to retrieve the Missing Crystal which can break the stalemate. Echoes Hermann Hesse’s classic character. At the end of Book Two, the Magister Ludi is revealed to be a time traveler from the 23rd Century,  Senator Abor Linkin, who has returned to our present in pursuit of Caesarion Khannis, the leader of a failed coup attempt to overthrow the democratic United States of Earth and its Senate, like Julius Caesar, ending the Republic and ushering in a Universal Empire with himself as autocratic Emperor.

The Illuminati, are a Freemasonlike brotherhood of enlightened souls and geniuses spanning the centuries which inclcludes Goethe and the Magister Ludi, and into which Sartorius is inducted at the ending of Book II.

Caesarion Khannis, is a time-travelling fugitive from justice returning from the 23rd Century to our own time after being defeated in a coup attempt and civil war seeking to end the democratic Republic of the United States of Earth and replace it, like his namesake Julius Caesar, with an autocratic Universal Empire ruled by himself as Emperor. At the end of Book II it is revealed that Mustafa is in fact an alias and assumed identity of Caesarion.

The United States of Earth, is the successful world government which is built upon the foundation of Sartorius’ work in instituting the United Nations World Parliament. It comes into existence in 2084 through the efforts of Abor Linkin and gives rise to a “Golden Age” of two-hundred years until falling into corruption, moral decay, predatory imperialism and disintegration at the center of an oppressive empire within the solar system, echoing the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” Abor Linkin successfully leads a civil war against Caesarion Khannis who seeks to overthrow the Republic, Senate and democratic Constitution and replace it with a Universal Empire under an autocratic Emperor similar to his namesake Julius Caesar. It is from this time that the two Time Travellers, the fugitive Caesarion Khannis and the persuing prosecutor Senator Abor Linkin make their Time Incursions into our present.

Albert Einstein, the reknown genius of the Theory of Relativity who in the novel works under the Magister Ludi in engaging in the play of the Crystal Bead Game within the Grand Retort and with Goethe attempts to explain something of the physics of the Crystal Bead Game, the Umbilical Wormhole and Spiritus Mundi to the uncomprehending Sartorius at the beginning of his Quest for the Missing Seed Crystal, the Sylmaril.

The Mothers, three immortal beings, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos who shape and weave out the destinies of all humans from their primordial subterreanean womb of destiny, birth, death and transformation. They reside on the island of Omphalos at the center of the Great Central Sea at the center of the earth and are also the guardians to the Gateway to the wormhole to the celestial realm of the Council of the Immortals housed in an amphitheatre within the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Echoes Goethe in Faust and conflates the Fates and Furies in Greek mythology.

Ogun, is the Yoruba God-Hero who joins Sartorius’s Quest for the Missing Crystal at the seat of the Magister Ludi’s Crystal Bead Game, Castalia, Middle Earth, becoming one of the journeying Argonauts. He is variously known as the “The Lord of the Road” or the “Way Maker,” hacking a path for the gods through the Primordial Chaos. Towards man he acts sometimes like Dionysius and sometimes like Prometheus, with the goal of bridging the gap between the human and the divine realms, as recounted modernly by Wole Soyinka. 

The Abiku, unborn spirit-children of African legend called upon by Ogun in Book Two on the chthonic Island of Omphalos to help clear a path for Sartorius and the Argonauts through the impenetrable jungle towards the portal of the Celestial Wormhole for their quest.  

Chiron, the wise and kind centaur of Greek legend who bears the pregnant Eva up the slopes of the island Omphalos towards the Temple of the Mothers and the Gateway to the Celestial Wormhole.

The Grigori, or “The Watchers, (Genesis 6:4 and Jude 1:6)  are a primordial race of fallen angels who lost their angelic powers after making love to earthly women. They are the “Guardians of the Doorways”  between the physical plane and that which is beyond. They are forced to open the Gateway at the orders of the Mothers after the Monkey King Sun Wu Kong steals the Mothers’ only eye and extorts their compliance.  They are assigned as the guardians of the Celestial Gateway leading from Omphalos at the center of the Earth to the Celestial Amphitheater within the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and to the celestial realms beyond. The Grigori, the fallen angelic sons of God having had intercourse with the daughters of Man, who bore them sons:  the monstrous, hybrid and cannibalistic Nephalim, mentioned in Genesis and the Book of Enoch, and who are aided in their sentinel duties by this legion of their hideous offspring.  

The Grand Sphinxes—-Guardians of the Great Horizons,  assist the Mothers and the Grigori in guarding the Celestial Gateway on the Island of Omphalos in the Great Central Sea at the center of the Earth.

The Argonauts, or Warriors of Light in the novel constitute the small band accompanying Sartorius on his Quest for the Missing Crystal to resolve the stalemate of the Crystal Bead Game and save humanity from destruction, including Eva, Andreas, Jack, Mohammad, Ogun, Nemo, Sun Wu Kong and Goethe. Echoes the Questors of the Golden Fleece in the Argo under Jason.

Mephisto, the spirit of negation is the nemesis of Sartorius and the Argonauts who argues the case against Mankind’s survival in the Council of the Immortals and who attempts to kill them and steal the Missing Seed Crystal, the Silmaril by attacking Nemo’s submarine The Nautilus in his own evil craft The Baphomet, which is destroyed in a dramatic undersea battle in the Great Central Sea. Echoes Faust and scripture—“Ich bin der Geist, der stets verneint!”

Mundus, in the novel is a Subaltern of Mephisto, a personification of the Devil, a fallen angel, who serves as the principal general leading an ambush of Sartorius and the “Argonauts” who are returning with the Seed Crystal, or Silmaril to rescue human history and humanity in the crisis of the Crystal Bead Game in Castalia, Middle Earth.  Mundus leads and commands demons, phantoms, dragons, zombies and other underworld combatants, but is defeated by Ogun and Sartorius and meets his doom trapped in the liminal interzone between the Inner and Outer Doors to the “Otherworld” beyond the Umbilical Wormhole on the Island of Omphalos. In Roman mythology the Mundus stone is the stone which seals the portal to the Underworld or Hell, and is one of the two sacred stones, the Lapis Manalis, along with the Aqualicium, or rain-bringing stone. Mundus also appears in numerous Internet and computer game series sagas.  

Trismegistus, or “Thrice Great” Emperor of the Underworld Sea in the novel is a conflation of Pluto, the God and King of the Underworld and Chthonic Realm, Neptunus, the God and King of the Seas, and Hermes, also Hermes Trismegistus, the Messenger of the Greek Gods, Trickster, and God of Crossroads, conflated with Thoth, his Egyptian incarnation. Such conflation arises because of his presence simultaneously as God of the Sea, God of the Underworld and God of the Cosmic Crossroads in the quasi-Equatorial line-crossing or “Point Crossing Ceremony” at the “Still Point of the spinning World,”  or very center of the globe, undergone by the mariners, including Sartorius, Eva and the other “Argonauts” questing after the Silmaril Seed Crystal in the “Great Central Sea” at the center of the Earth.

Triple Hecate, in the novel is the triple wife or consort of the triple-persona Trismegistus—-that is a conflation of the Goddesses Perephone, wife of Pluto and Queen of the Underworld, Amphitrite, wife-conort of Neptune, God of the Seas and of Hecate, consort of Hermes, God of Crossroads. She appears as part of the Royal Court with Trismegistus at the “Point Crossing Ceremony” aboard the Nautilus in the Great Central Sea at the Center of the Earth.  

Davy Jones, is an embodiment of the demonic presence of the sea, or lost soul of the lost mariner like the Flying Dutchman or Wandering Jew, who in the Equtor-Crossing or  analogous “Point Crossing Ceremony” at the center of the Earth, serves as a Scribe to the Ruler Trismegistus, conflaqted with Thoth, scribe to the Egyptian deities. 

Peter Pembroke and Jude Friedlaw, are members of Isis and Osiris’s rock band, The Angels of Thoth who become leaders of “The Family” or the messianic cult surrounding Osiris and Isis following the nuclear detonation in Jerusalem and the military crisis and confrontation threatening WWIII and nuclear Armageddon which follows.

Al-Buraq, is the winged stallion which bore Mohammad to heaven in his “Night Journey” and which he tied to the Wailing Wall. Osiris sees him in a dream which he takes as a sign of his divine mission.

The Gates of Ijtihad,  Iran’s Supreme Leader is visited in a holy dream by the Angel Gibreel, or Gabriel, bearing a divine messate to “Open the Gates of Ijtihad;”—–meaning to throw off the dead hand of fossilized authority and open Islamic tradition to updating, respiritualization and reform in light of the ongoing living spirit of Allah, echoing the Sufi emphasis on the living spirit of Islam as opposed to benumbed compliance with the dead hand and letter of the law and tradition.  

The Silmaril—is the “Missing Seed Crystal” which is the object of the quest of Sartorius’ Argonauts to the Island of Omphalos in Middle Earth and to the Council of the Immortals in the Amphitheatre within the black hole a the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy in Book II. The Silmaril crystal is the key element which may resolve the Crystal Bead Game and thus rescue the human race from extinction. Echoes Tolkien’s Silmaril crystal which contains the unsullied light of the original creation and is the subject of multiple quests in The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion.

Renovius St.Cosmo and the Chums of Chance—make a cameo appearance at Castalia, Middle Earth—Inner Shambhala, where their zeppelin, the Incommode, takes Sartorius on an aerial tour of the arcology of Castalia and the neighboring Bay of Pellucidar, having Rescued Princess Chthonia from attack by the Orcs and her rebellious subjects. Echoes Pynchon’s passage through the Telluric Interior in Against the Day.

Euphorion (“Euphy”) Sartorius, is the posthumous love-child born to Eva after Sartorius’s death. He is named for the joy of their love and after the love-child of Helen and Faust in Faust.


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Robert Sheppard , Author, Poet & Novelist Pushcart Prize fof Literature 2014 Nominee Professor of World and Comparative Literature Professor of International Law Senior Associate, Committee for a Democratic United Nations (KDUN) E-mail: Robert Sheppard is the author of the acclaimed dual novel Spiritus Mundi, nominated for the prestigious 2014 Pushcart Prize for Literature in two parts, Spiritus Mundi the Novel, Book I and Spiritus Mundi the Romance, Book II. The acclaimed “global novel” features espionage-terror-political-religious-thriller action criss-crossing the contemporary world involving MI6, the CIA and Chinese MSS Intelligence as well as a "People Power" campaign to establish a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly on the model of the European Parliament, with action moving from Beijing to London to Washington, Mexico City and Jerusalem while presenting a vast panorama of the contemporary international world, including compelling action and surreal adventures. It also contains the unfolding sexual, romantic and family relationships of many of its principal and secondary characters, and a significant dimension of spiritual searching through "The Varieties of Religious Experience." It contains also significant discussions of World Literature, including Chinese, Indian, Western and American literature, and like Joyce's Ulysses, it incorposates a vast array of stylistic approaches as the story unfolds. Dr. Sheppard presently serves as a Professor of International Law and World Literature at Peking University, Northeastern University and the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China, and has previously served as a Professor of International Law and MBA professor at Tsinghua University, Renmin People’s University, the China University of Politics and Law and at the Law Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing, China. Having studied Law, Comparative Literature and politics at the University of California, Berkeley (Ph. D.Program in Comparative Literature), Northridge, Tübingen, Heidelberg, the People’s College and San Francisco, (BA, MA, JD), he additionally has been active as professor of International Trade, Private International Law, and Public International Law from 1993 to 1998 at Xiamen University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School (CASS), and the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing. In the US he serves as a Professor at Kean University, as well as having taught at Bergen Community College and Pillar College in NJ. Since 2000 he has served as a Senior Consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Beijing and has authored numerous papers on the democratic reform of the United Nations system.
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